UNISLIT the young, dynamically developing company located in St.-Petersburg. We specialize in area of processing and the subsequent sale of rolled materials.
The basic direction of our activity is it is sharp rolled materials with the help spindle machines. Established at our enterprise spindle machines are modernized according to the world standards.

Having begun the activity with are sharp rolled film materials such as -
Polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE) and Polypropylene (BOPP and CPP), we have in a short space of time mastered technology are sharp more difficult materials, such as - laminates, a foil, a paper, PVC.

For today the company can render qualitative services on are sharp all kinds of rolled materials. And as punching by a cutting down method.
We express the readiness to carry out non-standard orders on резке rolled materials on spindle machines.
Our clients are the polygraphic and building enterprises located in St.-Petersburg, and as the enterprises supplying with expendable materials the food-processing industry of St.-Petersburg and Moscow.


Tel. (812) 939-54-91

Russia, St.-Petersburg